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A dance performance and a film.
About light and darkness, about being together and being separated at the same time.
When the light slowly finds its path.
In collaboration with Nina Funk


A short dance film about the emptyness of life when something strange happens and you don’t know what comes next.

Magenta – teaser

Magenta is a short dance film.


To enter the labyrinth is to enter yourself
Identity 1: somber, weather beaten skin
Identity 2: beaming, white teeth
Identity 3: distant, hollow eyes
Identity 4: unreadable, permanent smirk
Identity 5: fiery, piercing eyes
In collaboration with Lunatics and Poets and Samon Presland
I am a poem there is no way out

A short film in collaboration with Lunatics and poets. Part of dance piece ‘I am a poem there is no way out’.

Inside – out

‘A short documentary about doubts and life when you are young and just out of prison’

How does a life look like when you are just back on the streets, witch choices can you make? Wich temptations will you encounter and how to build your life again.

Grey Walls

‘A short film about getting old and impossible love’

Grey Walls is a short fiction film (’22) about Julia, a woman living in a grey nursing home. Julia has been systematically bullied since the other residents know that she is gay. In the nursing home Julia has an appointment with death, until Anna comes to live in the nursing home and pulls Julia into a whole new world.


‘A short film about a river that divides a family’

Two men connected forever, they can’t live with or without each other. Their life is slowly coming to end, will they come together in their last given moments.


‘A short dance film about three sisters’


Moving love

Moving Love is a short dance movie about life, about two people, willing to be on there own but there is a mutual atraction they can’t resist.

Title and place unknown

In a twilight zone between manipulation and reality lies a world to be found.





SOME other things

Director of photography


in collaboration with Lunatics and Poets

Part of the dance performance

‘South of no north’