Silvie Konings (1983)

Silvie Konings lives in Amsterdam, she is a film-maker and photographer. She has been fascinated by images and the world since she was very young.
Stories have been told in many different ways, and there are many more stories to tell. Silvie Konings studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy at the department of Audio-Visual Design. She specialised in fictionfilm directing.
Silvie Konings is always looking for stories that move you, stories you can create and pop up spontaneously. Silvie tells stories through moving and freeze-frame images combined with sound. She is intrigued by how -and in what way- these moving images speak to the observer. She then uses this aspect to look beyond the image before them. Silvie gets her inspiration by observing the little things happening around her in life. She then morphs these elements into a surprising new form and uses them in her films.

Audio-Visual Design for Silvie is about telling stories and speaking to what you want through the medium of sounds and images. It is about giving a message to the story that you are conveying to the experiencing observer. Silvie feels like there are no boundaries in showing your intentions, message, and meanings in a story.
Silvie tells her stories through images. She makes fiction films, audiovisual art and documentaries.

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